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Are You Living With Bad Knees

Does this sound like you?

You’ve recently noticed a sharp, dull or “tooth pain” like ache in your knee that has been there for longer than a week and shows no signs of improving on its own.

You don’t want to take the “painkillers and rest” option advised by your GP, nor do you like the ‘generic’/’off the shelf’ exercises so often given out by the Physiotherapist

You value being healthy and pain free, so you want to get a safe and effective remedy that works fast.

You may have been told or you may suspect that what you have is caused by damaged cartilage, Arthritis, ‘wear and tear’ or joint degeneration.

Your knee sometimes ‘gives way’ on you or ‘locks’ in a position for a few seconds then frees off.

You definitely want to AVOID surgery

People often suffer from long-term or short-term knee pain and it affects them in their daily activities. If the knee pain is not treated on time it can turn into severe damage to the knee joint. The main reasons behind knee pain are injuries or arthritis that can affect both youngsters and older patients.

Tips For Knee Pain Relief

Self-management strategies such as exercise and dietary advice are important components of management for many patients with knee pain. Evidence shows that patient education about their condition is helpful for both those with traumatic and non-traumatic knee pain.

The following are some tips to help your knees feel their best and for knee pain relief:

  1. Don’t rest too much
  2. Walking exercise, not run and jog
  3. Don’t risk a fall
  4. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE)
  5. Don’t overlook your weight
  6. Don’t let your shoes make matters worse

Whether you’ve Suffered For Weeks, Months Or Even Years, ReGenR8 could help.

“Take the knee pain away naturally”




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