11 Reasons Why You Should Use “Green” Cleaning Products

The Benefits Behind Green Cleaning

Going green is about more than just recycling here and there – it’s a lifestyle choice.

It’s about considering how each choice you make, as a consumer and as a person on our earth, can impact the world around you. And, in light of the influx in hurricanes, earthquakes, and other global natural disasters, it’s more important than ever to make the shift to eco-friendly living.

One of the biggest misconceptions about green living is that it’s wildly expensive, time-consuming, or difficult to achieve. This simply isn’t the case — rather, using renewable resources can actually be more cost-effective than not!

Switching to using as many eco-friendly cleaning products as possible is one of the best ways to combat the harm being done to the environment. That’s because these types of products are safe, biodegradable, non-toxic, and made with sustainable packaging – which means good things for our planet. Green cleaning products can help lessen both water and air pollution, and effectively fight climate change and ozone depletion.

Plus, there are a myriad of benefits in it for you when you switch to using eco-friendly products! Here are some of our favourite reasons for why switching to green cleaning is beneficial.

Considering going green? This is a healthier option for both your family and the earth. 

1) It’s Healthier for You and the Planet

Not only will you be able to sleep better at night knowing you’re doing your part to curb the amount of harmful chemicals being released into our atmosphere — you’ll also be contributing to a healthier home environment.

When you switch to green-only cleaning products, you won’t be breathing in anymore icky chemicals.

Eco-friendly products can help to improve your overall indoor air quality and thus contribute to reducing certain health risks, such as: chemical poisoning, skin irritations, and eye and respiratory infections, just to name a few. Green cleaners are not corrosive and must meet strict guidelines regarding toxicity and skin absorption.

2) Save Some Money - Green Cleaning is NOT Expensive

Add some green to your pocketbook by making your own green cleaning products, or save money by buying eco-friendly all-purpose cleaners that do multiple jobs, so you won't have to purchase other products. With more and more manufacturers entering the green cleaning scene, natural products are often competitively priced with their conventional, chemical-laden counterparts, and, in some cases even cheaper.

Making your own cleaning products is simple, eco-friendly, and easy on your wallet – especially compared to traditional cleaning products. Cleaning agents such as baking soda and vinegar are the two most popular options. Also, consider using lemon, olive oil, and citric acid, all of which can do the trick just as as well as typical cleaning products… but, for half the cost!

Chances are that you already have most, if not all, of these items in your pantry. If so, try the following:

All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe:

For a fantastic all-purpose cleaner, simply combine ¼ cup of baking soda, ½ cup of vinegar, and 8 cups of water.

Bathroom Cleansing Tips:

For the bathroom, we love adding a dozen drops of tea tree oil and some vinegar to the toilet bowl – not only is this an effective cleaning method, it always smells lovely. You could also simply fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and vinegar, to create the perfect tub cleaner.

And, the good news is: even if you’d rather buy your eco-friendly products, you’ll still spend less money in the long run, since there are fewer ingredients in green products. You may be surprised to see that, more often than not, green cleaning products are more affordably priced than traditional products.

3) Green Cleaners Help Your Belongings Last Longer

One of the best benefits of making the switch to green cleaning products? Their effects tend to last much longer!

This is because traditional cleaning products are stuffed with all kinds of toxic chemicals, which aren’t sustainable and do not result in long-lasting effects. In fact, these types of harsh chemicals tend to negatively affect the texture and life of most household items. With green cleaning products, you can ensure that you’re maintaining the longevity of your belongings.

4) Make Cleaning Easier

It's much easier to have a few products that take care of your general cleaning needs than a whole arsenal of toxic products. For example, vinegar can easily replace mould and mildew removers, window cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, and more.

You can often tackle multiple cleaning jobs in your home without switching products as you clean. Plus, you don't have to worry about getting bleach stains on your clothes or accidentally mixing dangerous chemicals together as you clean when you go green.


No one likes their home to stink of bleach or ammonia. Skip out on the strong chemical stench that accompanies most traditional cleaning products and go green, instead. Regardless of whether you’re making your own cleaning agents or buying eco-friendly ones, the smell of these products tends to be much, much more pleasant.

6) Overall Safety

Especially if you have pets, young children or elderly in the home, using green-only cleaning products just makes the most sense.

Small children that are five years old and younger and pets are especially vulnerable due to higher exposure levels because of their size. - chemical poisoning is a real issue! 

Plus, household cleaning supplies are one of the top five substance classes accounting for calls to the National Poison Control Center according to its 2010 annual report. So, minimize your risk with green cleaning products that aren't toxic or as dangerous.

When you make the transition from using traditional cleaners to environmentally-friendly ones, you’re creating a safer atmosphere for you and your kiddos alike.

Plus, switching to green cleaning products presents an excellent learning experience for young children – this is a great way to start the conversation surrounding the importance of environmentalism.

6) Create Your Own Products

Try on your creative side by making some of your own green cleaning products, such as this aromatherapy cleanser, with eco-friendly green cleaning ingredients and supplies. You will not only save money and time shopping but can also customize products to suit your needs by using different natural ingredients, such as essential oils

7) Become a Green Role Model

Once you start using eco-friendly, green cleaning products and tools and see how well they work, others will most likely follow suit. Don’t be shy about green cleaning at home or the office. As more join in, it means a healthier planet for us all to enjoy! Setting an example for children guarantees a brighter future for our planet as well. 

8) Know What’s in Your Products

Manufacturers of cleaning products aren’t required by the U.S. government to divulge ingredients; however, many green cleaning manufacturers make it their policy to be fully transparent, whereas some conventional manufacturers don't and may only list a portion of their ingredients.

9) Help the Environment

When you choose to use green cleaning products, you are making a vote to protect the environment so to speak. Most ideal green cleaning products are made using sustainable manufacturing practices and naturally derived, safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients that don't negatively impact the environment.

On the other hand, some conventional cleaning products contain ingredients that are toxic, hazardous, non-biodegradable, and from non-renewable resources like petroleum, so they adversely affect the earth's eco-systems.

10) Clean up Your Indoor Air

Did you know that the use of conventional cleaning products can contribute to higher pollution indoors than outdoors? Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which have been associated with a host of health problems like damage to the liver, kidneys, and central nervous system, are released when products are used and stored and can also linger in the air long after use. That’s nothing to cough at. Breathe easier knowing that this is not a problem with cleaning products that are truly green.

11) Protect Your Health

Feel better with green cleaning products—literally. Unlike conventional cleaning products, you’ll know that what you’re using won’t harm you, your family, or your pets. Symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, skin rashes, headaches, and more may “mysteriously” disappear once you stop using toxic cleaning chemicals.

Considering many of the hazardous chemicals in conventional products are often carcinogens, neurotoxins, mutagens, teratogens, or endocrine disrupters, it is definitely worth ditching them in favour of natural green cleaning products.