The First Algae Health Product To Obtain Triple Certificate of Health Food Taiwan

PPARs Cryptomonadales


Certificate of Health Food Information
Issue No.: A00066 (Department of Health, executive Yuan)




Product Name : 

Cryptomonadales Tablet (Chlorella Sorokiniana)

Raw Material :

Cryptomonadales Powder (Chlorella Sorokiniana)


Appearance :

Deep Green Circular Tablet

Health Care Ingredient Content : 

Chlorella Sorokiniana(The quality control marker substance is Linolenic Acid, per 15 tablets (3g) contains 37.5±7.5 (mg.)



Description of Health Effects : 

Proven after experiments conducted on animals :
1.Capable of lowering triglyceride in the blood.
2.Capable of lowering low- density lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood.


Recommended Usage : 

3 times a day, 15 tablets (with water) for every usage

Production Process :


Subject Of Application :

Introduction of Cryptomonadales Tablet

With Taiwan economy development, the affected rate of diseases of civilizations is higher and higher. Especially Cerebrovascular and heart diseases, they are the second and third death causes in Taiwan and the main killers of our health.

According to the research, atherosclerosis is the main cause of this kind of disease. However, the affected rate of atherosclerosis could be determined by the changes of blood lipid.

Hence, our company research and develop the health food, Cryptomonadales Tablet, which can regulate the blood lipid.

Cryptomonadales Tablets are made from 100% Cryptomonadales powder. After the frond accreditation and chemical characteristics comparison, it proved that Cryptomonadales is Chlorella Sorokiniana.

Chlorella has been cultivated and taken in Taiwan for more than 30 years and is exported to Japan as food or nutrient supplement. According to the domestic and abroad research, Chlorella contains wealthy protein, Chlorophyll, Carotenoid and fatty acid and is capable of lowering Cholesterol in the blood. 


Efficacy of adjusting blood lipid and safety assessments :

According to the animal experiment, the product is capable of lowering triglyceride in the blood and low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol.
As for the safety assessment, the product is judged as the first class traditional food, absolutely safe.



Safety Assessment Report Excerpt : 

Name of Experiment : Acute toxicity LD50 test
Experiment Target : Rats
Cases : 21 Male Rats & 21 Female Rats
Dosage & Term : Ingestion group: 10g/kg , 5g/kg , 2g/kg Control group
Experiement term: one week
Results : 
After the experiment of the Cryptomonadales samples, LD50 of male or female rats are higher than 10.0g/ kg. According to toxicity classification, it belongs to “Fundamental avirulence ”

Health Effect Assessment Report : 

Capable of regulating blood lipid assessment
Experiment Target : Hemster
Cases : 40
Dosage & Term | Dosage for each day:
for 8 weeks


Results : 

Feeding Cryptomonadales Tablets (0.24g/ day) in experimental group for 8 weeks, the cholesterol in the blood has significantly declined. (p=0.0061)

Feeding Cryptomonadales Tablet (0.24g/ day & 0.60g/ day) in experimental group for 8 weeks, the triglyceride in the blood has significantly declined. (p=0.0265; p=0.0007)。

Feeding Cryptomonadales Tablet (0.12g/ day, 0.24g/ day & 0.60g/ day) in the experimental group, the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood has significantly declined. (p=0.0481; p=0.0000; p=0.0003)

The high-density lipoprotein cholesterol has significantly increased.

Proven after experiments conducted on animals, HDL-C/ LDL-C in the blood has gradually increased.

It shows that taking Cryptomonadales Tablet can certainly decrease the risk of Cerebrovascular and heart diseases (or atherosclerosis).


Please consult with your doctor or nutritionist about this product before use. Balance your dietary daily and exercise regularly are the fundamental basis of human body health.