Probably The Only Disinfectant That Can Kill 99.99% of Viruses, Including Corona Virus

The Greatest Disinfectant for Million Reasons..!

Formulation to stop the spread of Coronavirus. V-Oxy is the only disinfectant that uses the photocatalytic properties of Titansorb-P to generate Free Radicals from airborne water molecules 

Genius V-Oxy can kill 99.99% of Bacteria, Viruses, Mold and Fungi including Airborne Viruses and Bacteria in a fraction of a second. 

V-Oxy with having properties of Self-Cleaning Titan technology helps building owners and facility managers to keep their buildings healthy.


The V-Oxy range of science is sulfate radical-based technology for human and animal health (biosecurity). Especially designed and manufactured to provide a highly effective, rapid-acting, safe and convenient, advanced formulated disinfectant process for Residential, commercial buildings, hospitals, and airport security.


Virus oxidation at 100% can be attained within 10 minutes.
Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) of V-Oxy to generate very strong reactive free radicals which are capable of inactivity Microorganism and to oxidize complex organic molecules and mineralize them 100%.
No other oxidant has a higher oxidation potential (5.5V) than all common disinfectants as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone any many others.
Residential and Commercial buildings disinfected with V-Oxy during the coronavirus outbreak can now feel comfortable and easy, as a self-disinfecting and cleaning coating lasts minimum for ONE month inside the building and THREE months outdoors

 has been applied almost in every country affected by coronavirus.
The unique coating, called TIO2 crystalline powder, kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi upon contact and remains on surface even with repeated scrubbing and cleaning, as strong sulfate bonding agents help it to adhere tightly to surfaces at a molecular level.

It is Non-Toxic and is Safe on human skin as well. 
Manufactured in Germany and has been approved by 
DAkkS approved lab HygCen


Dissect viruses down to their nucleic acid sequence essence. We don’t kill bacteria – We oxidize bacteria, we oxidize viruses with V-OXY.



V-Oxy is a broad-spectrum disinfectant that has self-cleaning capabilities to destroy all known Viral families and at the same time also kills bacteria, fungi and mold. V-Oxy technology is based on High Oxidation Potential with numerous advantages over all other disinfectants available in the market.
V-Oxy  is based on Sulfate Radicals (SR . – Oxidation Process) and Hydroxyl Radicals (HO . – Oxidation Process). These radicals are generated and activated with catalyst called Titansorb-P for most widely spread application to eliminate Micropollutants.


  • Commercial Floor Cleaning and Disinfection.
  • Hospitals Floor Cleaning and Disinfection.
  • Bathrooms Cleaning and Disinfection.
  • Toilets Cleaning and Disinfection.
  • Kitchen Cleaning and Disinfection.
  • Washing Machine Cleaning and Disinfection 
  • Air Conditioner Cleaning and Disinfection.
  • All Purpose Cleaning and Disinfection.
  • All Surface Cleaning and Disinfection.
  • Air Disinfection


  • Water Treatment Applications.
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning and Disinfection.
  • Resin Cleaning and Disinfection.
  • Membranes Cleaning and Disinfection.
  • Filter Media’s Cleaning and Disinfection.
  • Activated Carbon Cleaning and Disinfection.
  • Water, Wastewater and Water Reuse Application (Disinfection).
  • Swimming Pools Disinfection.


(Tested as to EN 14476 for viral activity (CORONAVIRUS)


Coronavirus concern are increasing demand for V-Oxy 

V-Oxy is used for all possible hard surfaces and equipment disinfection. V-Oxy can achieve inactivation of the Coronavirus strain at a 1 : 100 dilution rate with 10-minute contact time.

This makes it so unique with its strong sulfate radicals’ formulation. 
V-Oxy® cannot be compared with any other disinfectant in the world which is so powerful.

Most effective against more than 150 strains of viruses, over 500 strains of bacteria and over 100 strains of fungi and yeast.

We vow to do our utmost to save the world from this virus and avoid further spreading by deactivating all viruses.