Coronavirus Nemesis – PURE C+ Ionic Nano Copper

Stop the transmission of airborne infections with PURE C+.

Tested to show activity against Coronavirus more than 99.9% in under 60 seconds
Protect ourselves by creating a viral shield to our surroundings.

The World’s Only Patented 16000ppm Airborne Ionic Nano Copper

Airborne… PURE C+ Viral Shield Ionic Nano Copper 16K ppm
Provides protection against viruses & bacteria.
Tested to inhibit 99.9% of bacteria & viruses including:
SARS virus
MERS Virus
and many more…

Safety Features:
✅ Ingredient: Pristine Copper from Canada
✅ Alcohol-free & Chlorine-free
✅ All-natural & Food grade (NSP)
✅ 100% Organic Minerals
✅ ChildSafe & 100% Non-toxic
✅ Kills viruses & bacteria >99.9%

💁Inside cars & vehicles
💁Kitchen & baths
💁Dining table
💁and many more…

10 Important Uses:
💧Eliminate Haze & Smoke
💧Eliminate Molds & Mildew
💧Eliminates Allergens, PetDander & Dust Mites
💧Remove Odor & Stale Air

Evidence Vault:
✍️Scientifically Tested & Proven by EPA Registered Hospital Disinfectant
✍️NSF Certified Food Grade 100% – Achieve 99.9% sanitization in less than 60 seconds
✍️INC 16k Disinfectant is proven effective in various independent lab tests.
■美国环境保护局(United States Environment Protection Agency)
■Enviro-Safe SolutionS/B(ESS)
■Certified to NSF/ANSI60(product safety)
■Certificate of Analysis INC 16k ( ESS)
■北京工业大学验证Beijing University of Technology
■Eurofins (nml)Test Report报告
■University Malaysia Sarawak,
■Beijing University of Technology and
While Edvolution66 strives to ensure the accuracy of its product images and information, some manufacturing changes to packaging and/or ingredients may be pending update on our site. Although items may occasionally ship with alternate packaging, freshness is always guaranteed. We recommend that you read labels, warnings and directions of all products before use and not rely solely on the information provided by Edvolution66.

Only Patented Green Algae Whole Food Supplement

Cryptomonadales MicroAlgae Superfood
(1000 tablets / bottle)

100% PURE Cryptomonadales with PPARs, certified with TRIPLE recognition by the health ministry of Taiwan & PPAR is supported by more than 10,000 medical journals, scientist and medical researchers worldwide.

100% Bio-Organic Algae with the most complete profiles of all vitamins and minerals that human needs & having the full spectrum of Bio-PPARs Profile that contains all Alpha, Beta & Gamma agonist.



TRIPLE recognition by the health ministry of Taiwan
Certified to Lower Blood Sugar Level
Certified to Lower Cholesterol  Level
Certified to Improve Immunity


That Contains :
NO sugar
NO flavourings
NO artificial sweetener
NO binders
NO preservatives
NO additives of any kinds,
NO harmful substances, even in excess amount!


Crypto PPARs is: 

  • Capable of  lowering triglyceride  in the blood.
  • Capable of  lowering  low density lipoprotein – cholesterol 
  • Be able to aid in the  prevention of cancer developments  due to a combination of effects including selenium content, the phycocyanin compounds, and the agonistic activities of Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor (PPARs)
  •  Anti aging  – Regulating an acidic human body to Alkaline. Acidic body is caused by excessive bearing of free radicals which makes cells AGE and leads to chronic diseases.
  • Chlorophyll –  Blood Purification & anti toxic effect.  Chlorophyll’s structure is similar to that of hemoglobin except that the central atom is magnesium instead of iron. One of its properties is to help in the  production of blood.  Chlorophyll is also applied to  expel toxins  such as arsenic or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) out of the system.
  •  CGF  Cholera Growth Factor- This  unique nutrition  which includes nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) has significant positive effect in regulating human physiological function, improving human health and preventing people from illness and disease.

Our Spokeperson

World Renowned Forensic Expert

  • Founder of the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science
  • Chief Emeritus of the Connecticut State Police
  • Founder and Professor of the Forensic Science Program at the University of New Haven
  • Editor of Seven Academic Journals, author/ co-author of 30 books and over 300 articles.

Dr Henry Lee, the world renowned forensic expert said:

Chlorella Sorokiniana Crypto PPARs contains high concentration of PPARs that is effective in reducing triglycerides and LDL. My health has improved!


A newly discovered  superior strain  of 95% digestible green algae with a unique full PPARs component scientifically known as Chlorella Sorokiniana (W87-10). A

single cell  soft cell wall  algae. Possibly the only known algae in the world containing significant amount of all three naturally occurring alpha, beta and gamma PPARs.

PPAR – Peroxisome 过氧化物 proliferator-activated 增殖物激活 receptor 受体

Is a group of nuclear receptor proteins 核受体蛋白质 that function as  transcription factors  转录因子  regulating the  expression of genes  基因.


PPARs play essential  roles  in the regulation of  cellular differentiation, development and metabolism (carbohydrate, lipid, protein), and tumorigenesis  of higher organisms.

Why Cryptomonadales™?

Cryptomonadales® is a  unique specie  of Chlorella Sorokiniana developed by Dr. Shun-Te Wang, the Chairman of Taiwan Chlorella Company in 1995 after long term studies of algae for more than 30 years in Chang-Hwa, Taiwan.

Nutritional value of Cryptomonadales®:  King species among algae,  the most ideal health food in the 21st century.

Algae is the most extensively distributed plants on the earth and has been used as food since thousands of years ago. Among the algaes, chlorella and spirulina represent the two currently used products for human usage.

Compared to the conventional Chlorella species, Cryptomonadales® lacks the thick cell way, and makes this products  easier and efficient to be absorbed  (50% VS 90%) and therefore, more valuable as a health food.

Cryptomonadales® can proliferate and  double their numbers in 24 hours  and the enterprise can benefit from this fast growth under mild fertilizer conditions.

Cryptomonadales® contains high percentages of protein for up to 60%, CHO of 14%, and fatty acid of 8%. Cryptomonadales® has the optimal combination of saturated fatty acidmonounsaturated fatty acid and poly-unsaturated fatty acid at the ratio of 0.8:1.5:1.0, as commended by American Nutrition Association.

Cryptomonadales® contains high contents of chlorophyll for up to 4%, the highest among algae, and rich in cellulose of 4%. Besides, Cryptomonadales® contains rich vitamins A, B, complex C, and E and rich in calcium (300mg%), Zinc (70mg%), Selenium (80mg%), all of which make Cryptomonadales® the   most complete and ideal health food for the 21st century. 

Benefits of PPARs

A Natural Healthy Food for Your Body Cells Restoring it to Optimum Level… in regards of your age
Yes! You can enjoy the benefits of a healthy physical body even if you currently eating all the junk foods, and living within a highly toxic and polluted environment.

Using a rare food found and specially formulated by Professor Wang Sun Te from Taiwan, you can easily restore your body cells to its optimum level and enjoy the benefits of improved vitality and vigour, including…

  • Increase in support of good health
  • Relieve general tiredness
  • Ideal supplementing nutrition
  • Assist in weight management programme accompanied by regular exercises
  • Strengthen your overall body to its most balanced and optimum levels, and more…

Cryptomonadales is the name of the food
It is commonly known as Chlorella. There are many species of Chlorella and Spirulina selling on the market. Just Google on Chlorella and you will be able to read on the vast amazing health benefits of it… But that’s not what I’m doing here. I’m going to show you…
How Cryptomonadales Works Naturally With Your Body Cells 
To Boost Your Body To Its Youthful Level ?
Cryptomonadales scientific name is Chlorella Sorokiniana, under the Chlorella family, is a unique species of green algae. It is an oval single cell organism, very similar to your red blood cell.

The average size is only 6.8-7.2 micron, and belongs to the fresh water algae family.

Cryptomonadales is a natural plant that requires only solar energy, carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen to carry out photosynthesis and reproduce itself naturally. It is a-sexual, meaning one cell of cryptomonadales can split into four cells, as compared to other species, where each cell can only split into two cells.


50 essential nutrients needed by your body, for example: amino acids (all 23 of them), minerals, protein, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes, nucleic acid, dietary fibre, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), high content of RNA and DNA, Phycocyanin (a powerful anti-oxidant), high amount of Chlorophyll (excellent for blood cleansing and detox agent), and most importantly… an naturally occurring PPARs (Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors), which includes PPAR alpha that helps in liver, heart, and bones PPAR beta that helps in skins, bones and muscles PPAR gamma that helps in lipids, colon and other organs.

In summary, PPARs naturally enhance your body innate healing capabilities.

You probably experience the following amazing benefits when you start eating Cryptomonadales on a regular basis…

  • Revitalize your body cells, organs and body naturally
  • Relieves general tiredness making you feel energised
  • Improve the secretion of your sexual hormones naturally
  • Better brain memory and function by increase oxygen supply to it
  • Improve your skin conditions
  • Detox your body naturally starting from your body cells
  • Regulates liver and kidney functions
  • Improve your immune system so you don’t get sick easily

and many others…
Recommend Usage- 3 times per day. 15 tablets for every usage



    • Adult takes 5-15 tablets, 3 times daily before meals.
    • Children take half of adult dosage100% natural
    • Contains NO sugar, flavourings, artificial sweetener, binders, preservatives or additives of any kinds, NO harmful substances, even in excess amount.
  • Cryptomonadales™ is known as the BEST micro vegetable that can be consumed regularly, daily, over a long period with NO side effects.

While Edvolution66 strives to ensure the accuracy of its product images and information, some manufacturing changes to packaging and/or ingredients may be pending update on our site. Although items may occasionally ship with alternate packaging, freshness is always guaranteed. We recommend that you read labels, warnings and directions of all products before use and not rely solely on the information provided by Edvolution66.