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Natural Micronutrients

Isolated Ingredient

Low Dose 2 Capsules

High Dose 4-6 tablets

High Absorption Rate

Low Absorption

Protein Nature

Sugar Nature


Around 180 Days

NO Harmful Additives

Heavily Processed

NO Artificial Sweeteners

NO Sugar

NO Artificial Colours

NO Hydrogenated Oil

NO Preservatives

NO Titanium Oxide

NO Artificial Flavours

NO Harmful Additives

What Users Say

Performance good. Very fast delivery. Reliable seller. Very responsive. Bought second bottle from them. It helps me to relieve my joint pain after taking for about 2 weeks. Happy with purchase. - P.S. Khoo

your questions, answered

Here are some FAQs about ReGenR8

Q1 How Long Does It Takes to Experience Relief After Starting ReGenR8?

Relief duration can vary among individuals, but noticeable improvement might be experienced within a few weeks to a couple of months of consistent use.

We recommend a full 30 days of use to get the full benefits of the compounds in RegenR8. With a lot of minor benefits occuring much quicker than that! 

For users who has more severe and long-standing problems, it may take 3 to 6 months to see improvements.

Q2 Why ReGenR8 Works?

RegenR8 uses industry leading doses of natural micronutrients that offer the best chance at repairing, rebuilding and strengthening joint tissue. The 4 specifically chosen ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties, support cartilage health, and reduce pain signals, aiming to alleviate knee discomfort and improve joint function.

RegenR8 is an evidence-based natural supplement that is backed by science.

Q3 Is ReGenR8 Suitable for Long-term Use, and is There a Risk of Dependency or Tolerance?

ReGenR8 is often considered safe for long-term use, and there is typically no risk of dependency or tolerance reported.

Q4 What Is the Recommended Dosage and How Often Should ReGenR8 Be Taken?

The typical dosage is usually mentioned on the product label. ReGenR8 can be taken anytime of the day, before or after meal or with meal.

    • Maintenance & preventive - 1-2 capsules a day
    • Mild joint pain - 2 capsules a day. 3 -4 if you want faster result.
    • for severe joint disorder or want faster result, 4 capsules a day - 4 capsules a day (2 morning, 2 evening)
Q5 Can ReGenR8 Be Used in Conjunction With Other Joint Pain Management Strategies or Treatments?

Yes, ReGenR8 can typically be used alongside other joint pain management strategies or treatments, including physical therapy, exercise, and prescribed medications. It's advisable to inform your healthcare provider about all treatments being used concurrently.

Q6 Is RegenR8 Backed by Scientific Research or Clinical Studies?

Ingredients of RegenR8 have undergone clinical studies or be supported by research demonstrating its efficacy in reducing knee pain. References to these studies or research outcomes might be provided to support its claims.

RegenR8 is manufactured in facilities adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and have all the required certifications to ensure quality and safety. We are proud to announce that we are halal certified too.

Q7 Why Do I Feel Not Much Effect After Taking RegenR8 For a While?

Possible factors that could affect RegenR8 effectiveness.

Time for Effectiveness: Depending on individual, RegenR8 require time to build up in your system before noticeable effects are felt. It's common for the body to take several weeks or even a few months of consistent use before experiencing significant relief from knee pain.

Severity of Knee Condition: RegenR8 effectiveness can depend on the severity of your knee condition. If the knee pain is due to an advanced stage of arthritis or other underlying issues, it might take longer for the supplement to provide noticeable relief.

Dosage and Consistency: Ensure you're taking RegenR8 as directed on the label and being consistent with the recommended dosage. Missing doses or not taking it regularly might delay the expected results.

Individual Variations: Everyone's body responds differently to supplements. Factors such as metabolism, body chemistry, and individual health conditions can influence how quickly one might experience relief.

Additional Measures: Consider other factors impacting knee health. Are you incorporating lifestyle changes or complementary treatments recommended alongside the supplement, such as exercise or maintaining a healthy weight? These factors can affect the supplement's effectiveness.

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Get 20% off on your first purchase + GIFT
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PLUS, your satisfaction is guaranteed with our
Take the first step towards a pain-free life today!

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