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How to Prevent Knee Pain in Old Age

“Knee pain is a common problem, both in older and younger patients”.

How to Prevent Knee Pain in Old Age

As we age, our physiological function changes and so does our level of mobility. Muscle and connective tissue mass also decrease with age, resulting in decreased flexibility and a decline in strength. Knee pain is common among older adults and associated with impaired function. With aging, knees tend to developĀ wear and tear which could result in degenerative changes that lead to osteoarthritis (OA).

1. Eat anti-inflammatory diet

For older people, it is highly beneficial to eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Processed foods including white flour and sugar, dairy products, and high meant diet are inflammatory diet foods. Older people should try an anti-inflammatory diet such as a plant-based diet such as fruits and vegetables, fish, whole grains, 8 glasses of water, etc.

2. Maintain a healthy weight

Patients with heavy weight face more stress on their knees as compared to patients with less weight. Hence, you must maintain a recommended weight to prevent knee pain in old age.

3. Stay active every day

In old age, people often stop physical activity which results in stiffness and knee pain. It is highly beneficial to maintain a daily exercise routine. Even a morning walk can help you ease your knee pain for both the short and long term.


Knee pain is a common problem among both young and older people. But with proper exercise, diet and overall health, it is possible to ease knee pain. If you occasionally feel knee pain, you may consider trying RegenR8. People who routinely exercise and do physical activities are less likely to suffer from knee pain.


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