for individuals who want to achieve optimal health and like to maintain healthy immune and wellbeing

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PPARs Product Range

P P A R s

peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor

Bring Maximum Benefits for Health

Providing an important direction regarding human health in 21 century. The role is similar to Antibiotics and vitamins in 20 century.


PPARs is the future

100% bio-organic algae with abundant amount of all three naturally occurring PPARs which is Alpha, Beta and Gamma.


Nutrient Rich Food

It contains high-quality protein, more than 96 nutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and natural bio-organic PPARs.


Patented Algae

The algae (Chlorella Sorokiniana W87-10) is patented by International Cryptomonadales Biotechnology Co., Ltd (Taiwan) by Professor Wang Shun Te.


Medical Journals

More than 100,000 medical journals on the study of PPARs with disease as medical evidence of PPARs expression.



The most complete sources of phytonutrients, rare minerals, and therapeutic components such as PPARs, Chlorophyll, Phycocyanin, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), and Anti-oxidants.


Proven Efficacy

Proven efficacy in the reduction of blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Crypto PPARs tablet is the first local algae-type health food, which obtained the certification (A00066 of Department of Health) and also the only product that obtains three.

Discover optimal health with natural food PPARs

PPARs™ Tablets have been confirmed by the results of animal experiments:

  • Helps reduce triglycerides in the blood
  • Helps reduce LDL cholesterol in the blood
  • Helps regulate the immune system



expressed in liver, kidney, heart, muscle, adipose tissue, and others

PPAR β/δ

expressed in many tissues but markedly in the brain, adipose tissue, and skin


expressed in virtually all tissues, including heart, muscle, colon, kidney, pancreas, spleen, adipose tissue, macrophages



for individuals who want to achieve optimal health and like to maintain healthy immune and wellbeing


Properties of acting to prevent, inhibit, or halt a neoplasm (a tumor). An agent with neoplastic properties acts as an anti-proliferative and inhibits the growth of cancer.


PPARs α, β, and γ

Gene activators that will direct the exact amount of nutrients needed by your body, unifying biological systems, functions, and processes.

Provides the raw and natural nutrition needed to fuel your body for healing and optimal health.


Nutritional Properties

Not less than 96 nutrients in a tablet

  • 8 Types of Classified Fatty Acids
  • 15 Types of Vitamin
  • 20 Types of Minerals
  • 49 Other Nutrition
  • Miscellaneous



No less than 96 naturally occurring nutrients

PPARs Alpha + Beta + Gamma


Amino Acids

Fatty Acids



S$ 199
30 softgel extract
660mg per capsule
great for hair, nail & skincare
for all ages
S$ 240
1000 tablets (chewable)
100% organic Micro algae
more than 96 nutrients
for all ages
S$ 850
12ml x 10 vials
High potency
suitable for critical conditions
for all ages

Statement Of Purpose

Takes responsibility for the health and welfare of human beings and hopes to bring the maximum benefits to human health.

Pure and Natural

promote pure and natural Omni bearing high-quality regimen faith


Perfect Nutrients

provide perfect balanced nutrients, invest health and enjoy being healthy


Advanced Technology

take advantage of advanced biotechnology and expand the health business


Resolution Sharing

share the best healthy way




A New Elliptic Unicellular Plant Was Found

Professor Wang Shun-Te, President of International Cryptomonadales Biotechnology Co. Ltd. (Institute of Botany, Academia Sinica- Huang, Tan-Chi)


30 People Tested Voluntarily (60 tablets/day for 30 Days)

Summing up the efficacy and side-effects of Cryptomonadales
(National Cheng Kung University Medical College- Professor Su, Ih-Jen)


Apply For The Registration of Health Food - Lower Cholesterol

The Institute Biochemical Engineering Research Laboratories – Executive Pan Yi Hong


Cryptomonadales Contain A High Density Of PPARs Active Agent

Cryptomonadales contain a high density of PPARs active agent (Division of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research, National Health Research Institutes- Dr. Chao, Yu-Sheng)
Cryptomonadales contain a high density of α-Linolenic, C18, and C20 unsaturated fatty acids, etc.


Clinical Trials of Psoriatic Arthritis

Clinical Trials of Psoriatic Arthritis (Dermatology Department of National Cheng Kung University Hospital- Julia Yu-Yun Lee)


The Registration Of Health Food Approved

Approved for lower triglyceride and low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (Health Food Certificate A00066, Department of Health, Executive Yuan)


Co-operation of Cryptomonadales Cosmetics and Biomedical Technology

Cooperation on Cryptomonadales cosmetics for anti-aging and biomedical technology to regulate blood sugar (The Institute Biochemical Engineering Research Laboratories- Lee, Lain-Tze, Pan, Yi Hong)


Clinical Trials On The Toxicology Of Cryptomonadales PPARs

Clinical trials on the toxicology of Cryptomonadales PPARs active agent
(Development Center for ~July Biotechnology, DCB-toxicology center)


Awarded First Recognition

Certificate A00066 health food from the Department of Health.

Study shows Cryptomonadales is capable of lowering triglyceride in the blood and low-density lipoprotein- cholesterol.


Awarded 2nd Recogntion

Certificate A00066 health food from the Department of Health.

Study shows Cryptomonadales tablet is helpful in assisting people with high fasting blood sugar levels to control blood sugar levels.


Awarded 3rd Recognition

Certificate A00066 health food from the Department of Health.

Study shows Cryptomonadales has the ability in immunomodulatory function.


Q1 What is PPARs?

PPAR (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor) is the “nuclear hormone receptor superfamily”.

A certain ligand can activate this superfamily, and it will combine with part of the target gene’s promoter and affect the gene’s performance.

There are three states in the PPARs family and they have different organizations and reflect different physiological functions:

PPAR α (Alpha) – expressed in liver, kidney, heart, muscle, adipose tissue, and others

PPAR β/δ (beta/delta) – expressed in many tissues but markedly in the brain, adipose tissue, and skin

PPAR γ (gamma) – expressed in virtually all tissues, including heart, muscle, colon, kidney, pancreas, spleen, adipose tissue, macrophages,

Cryptomonadales® is also rich in PPAR ligand active molecules, containing at least ten kinds of unsaturated fatty acids, which are the main components of PPAR activation.

Therefore, the most important is that Cryptomonadales® simultaneously provides PPARs and activates PPAR molecules in the human body.

Cryptomonadales® has been confirmed to contain a highly activated agent of PPARs. Undoubtedly, it will provide an important direction regarding human health in the 21st century. The role is similar to Antibiotics and vitamins in the 20th century.

Q2 What is Cryptomonadales®?

Cryptomonadales® is our main product trademark and the latest new strain of algae species W87 (Chlorella Sorokiniana) used in Cryptomonadales® series products was found and developed by the founder of the company, namely Prof. Dr. Shung-Te Wang.

The shape of W87 is elliptical and the size is similar to the size of human cells. Its genetic sequence and physiological characteristics are different from the common algae.

Cryptomonadales® is proven to contain high units of natural PPARs. According to animal experiments, Cryptomonadales® proved to promote healthy, including regulating blood sugar, blood lipids, and immunity.

Moreover, Cryptomonadales Tablet obtained the certificate A00066 of the Department of Health and is the first algae health product to obtain a certificate of health food.

Q3 Is there any side effects from consuming PPARs™ (引藻)?

PPARs™ (引藻) products are naturally cultivated natural foods, not drugs. It has been confirmed by the stability test of the Biotechnology Center and related animal experiments that it is safe to eat, and it DOES NOT have side effects like drugs.

This product has been sold for more than 20 years and in more than 30 countries, and there is no safety concern at all.

Q4 What is healthy food?

Source: FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
In addition to their daily diet, the general public may purchase related foods for maintenance or nutritional supplement needs, and these products are often mistakenly named “health food”.

The FDA reminds consumers that since 1988 ” Since the introduction of the “Healthy Food Management Law”, “healthy food” has become a legal term, and it is necessary to apply to the Ministry of Health and Welfare for an inspection and registration permit before it can be called “healthy food”.

According to the definition of the Health Food Administration Law, “health food” refers to the “health effect” with substantial scientific evidence, and it is marked or advertised to have such effect, and it is not a food for the purpose of treating or correcting human diseases.

The so-called “nutritional health food”, “functional food” and other products in the market may use product ingredients similar to health food, but what is the difference between the two?

In terms of the nature of food, the ingredients of the two may be the same. The difference is that healthy food has undergone product safety and efficacy evaluation tests, that is, the product itself has been scientifically verified for its “health efficacy”, and it is safe and effective according to the recommended intake. Effective, and strictly control the quality of the product to ensure the validity of the product within the approved shelf life.

There are other similar products in the market. The products are not scientifically proven and can only be sold as general food. According to general food management, advertisements and labels must not be false, exaggerated, misunderstood, and medical efficacy. If the product involves health food health benefits Claims that it will also be punished for violating the Health Food Management Law.

For the approved “healthy food”, the word “healthy food” and the (little green man) standard image, license number, health effect description, and other relevant items must be marked on the product packaging, and the product information should be approved and published on the food and drug consumption.

Consumer Knowledge Service Network (Home > Integrated Inquiry Center > Food > Approved Data Inquiry > Health Food Data Inquiry approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare).

The FDA re-emphasizes that health food is still food in essence, not medicine, and does not have the effect of treating diseases or losing weight.

If there is any adverse condition in the body, it should still be diagnosed and treated through normal medical channels, and do not consume products with exaggerated efficacy or curative effect. , so as not to spend money and hurt yourself.

Q5 Can I eat algae at the same time during radiotherapy, chemotherapy and medication?

(1) PPARs™ products are pure natural foods with complete nutrition and are also suitable for nutritional supplements during radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It is recommended to consult a doctor or a nutritionist for advice on consuming PPARs™ products before consumption.

(2) In general, PPARs™ products are recommended to be taken before meals, but those with weak stomachs are recommended to be taken after meals, and at least 1 hour apart from taking medicines.

FAQ cont'd

Q6 Is there any problem with long-term consumption of PPARs™?

PPARs™ products are NOT medicines, but natural foods. Just like the vegetables and fruits we usually eat, we can safely eat them for a long time.

This product has been confirmed to be safe for consumption by the stability test of the Biotechnology Center and related animal experiments. And it is produced in a factory that complies with GHP.

The water source for cultivation is strictly controlled, and the product also insists that NO artificial additives are added. It is a safe and high-quality natural nutritional supplement.

And the product has been researched in cooperation with national research units, and long-term consumption has no adverse effects and has excellent help for the adjustment of body functions.

Q7 How to ensure the safety and quality of PPARs™?

The production of algae-inducing commodities must be in accordance with Taiwan’s laws (such as the Food Safety and Sanitation Management Law and algae hygiene standards, etc.), from water source monitoring to production sanitation and product pollution indicators.

Appearance laws and regulations make the factory. In addition, PPARs™ Tablets have obtained three national-level health food certifications, which also represents an important basis for Taiwan to check the safety of this product.

Q8 Can pregnant women, children and vegetarians eat PPARs™?

(1) We can think of PPARs™ products as concentrated vegetables with very high nutritional content. With daily use, you can get rich iron, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, and folic acid.

B vitamins and folic acid are nutrients that pregnant women need very much, and the natural sources of these nutrients in PPARs products are very suitable for pregnant women.

(2) The high unit of natural unsaturated fatty acids contained in PPARs products are the best source of nutrients for fetal brain development.

A high content of B vitamins, folic acid, and chlorophyll are indispensable nutrients for children. Please use PPARs™-related products with peace of mind.

PPARs products are all natural sources and NO artificial additives are added. If you have any questions, you can also consult a professional doctor.

(3) Vegetarians are often deficient in vitamin B12, and PPARs tablet products are also rich in B12, which is the best supplement for vegetarians with unbalanced nutrition.

Q9 What are the precautions for eating PPARs™?

NO special contraindication is required for ordinary people to consume algae products. If you have high uric acid/gout or kidney disease, you should consult your doctor before deciding whether to use it.

Q10 Can people with hyperthyroidism consume PPARs™?

Hyperthyroidism is when there is too much iodine in the body, and the thyroid body is overworked, causing the gland to swell, which is commonly known as the “big neck”.

Such patients should not eat foods high in iodine. PPARs™  products are freshwater-grown algae that are very different from saltwater-grown algae.

The iodine in PPARs™ products is very small, and not as high as seaweed, so patients with hyperthyroidism can also eat it, and normal people will not cause abnormal symptoms such as a “thick neck” (大颈包) after eating.

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PPARs Product Range