Green NMN Cold Compress Gel 100g
Green NMN Cold Compress Gel 100g
Green NMN Cold Compress Gel 100g
Green NMN Cold Compress Gel 100g
Green NMN Cold Compress Gel 100g
Green NMN Cold Compress Gel 100g

Green NMN Cold Compress Gel 100g

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NMN has been called "the elixir of life

1.What is NMN?

NMN is the abbreviation of nicotinamide mononucleotide. NMN, with a molecular weight of 334.2192. It is an inherent substance in the human body and is also rich in some fruits and vegetables. In the human body, NMN is the precursor of NAD+, and its function is manifested through NAD+. The metabolism of NMN and NAD+ is linked.

2. What is the function of NMN?

(1) Reverse human aging;
(2) Eliminate skin wrinkles
(3) Significantly improve cardiovascular diseases
(4) Long-term use can prolong human life.
All in all, NMN can significantly improve the various chronic symptoms caused by human aging, and fundamentally anti-aging.

3.Why could NMN Reverse Aging?

NMN is the only cell factor with the function of reversing aging that has been verified by the three top international academic journals Science, Nature, and Cell.
It can activate the vitality of all 7 anti-aging proteins known to the human body and fully anti-aging.
It is currently known by science. The most comprehensive and powerful anti-aging factor of cells is considered to be the most likely substance to control human aging at this stage.

4. Use NMN Is it safe?

The use of NMN is safe and has NO side effects. NMN itself is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, and it also exists in many foods. It is pure and harmless. Studies have confirmed that supplementing with NMN will not affect the activities of various enzymes in the supplementary synthesis pathway.
After using NMN, it has no effect on the activities of various enzymes such as NAMPT, PARP, and NMNAT in the supplementary synthesis pathway. It directly changes the level of NAD+ in the body.

5. Why is NMN called "the elixir of life"?

A study by the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Aging Biological Mechanisms of Harvard University found that NMN reversed aging:
After one week of using water containing NMN in mice in their 60s, their body status reached 20 years old, and the life of mice taking NMN was extended by 20 %. Since then, NMN has been called "the elixir of life".
The powerful "rejuvenation" effect of NMN comes from its three mechanisms: activation of longevity protein Sirtuins1~7, activation of DNA repair enzyme PARP, and activation of immune regulation loop ADP ribose synthase.

6. Is NMN a concept hype?

Different from the false concepts such as stem cells and sheep placenta that have been circulated recently in China, NMN is indeed the world’s first serious scientific research that has been rigorously scientifically verified to significantly reverse aging and prolong life. It was developed by David Sheen of Harvard University in 2014. Klein's laboratory made a preliminary discovery.

7. Is NMN really that amazing?

In Cell in 2013, Sinclair's laboratory found that supplementing 22-month-old mice with NAD+ precursor NMN can reverse the mitochondrial function in their muscles back to the level at 6 months old, which is equivalent to Human beings have returned to the level of 20-30 years old from 60-70 years old. Compared with ordinary white mice, these experimental mice can burn fat for energy even when they are old, and their muscles remain young. The amount of tears and bone density, as well as the number of immune cells, have increased, and there are no obvious side effects.

8. Can NMN really last?

NMN's path to the gods does not come from any folk gossip. Unlike many anti-aging products that have not been strictly certified, NMN is a well-known overseas source and is endorsed by the basic research results of world-class scientific research institutions such as Harvard University Medical School and the University of Washington. The working principle of NMN products is simply to increase the synthesis of NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) in the body, thus having an anti-aging effect. The anti-aging effects in cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases have been continuously confirmed by authoritative journals such as Nature, Science, and Cell. After NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) noticed the role of NMN in repairing DNA radiation damage and improving muscles under weightlessness, it twice awarded the NMN researcher David Sinclair, who works at Harvard University, the iTech Award in the aerospace field. And David Sinclair is the first scientist who discovered that NMN can significantly extend the life span by 20%.

9. Why does NMN take effect so quickly? Does it contain hormones?

It is completely free of hormones, and the effect is quick because the application of small molecule promotion technology makes the absorption of NMN in the body very fast, and it is absorbed intact through the digestive system. It enters the bloodstream in 2 to 3 minutes and increases the NMN content in the tissue within 15 minutes. Ninety percent is absorbed by the blood, rapidly increasing the NAD+ level in the blood, liver, and other organs.

10. Is there no obvious effect after use?

Aging is a relatively slow process. The subjective feelings after using this product are related to age, health, and other factors, and important indicators such as the reduction of DNA damage and the decline in aging speed are difficult to directly perceive, so there is no obvious feeling. That does not mean that there is no effect. As the content of NAD+ in the human body gradually decreases with age, older people feel more obvious than younger people. According to statistics, less than 2% of people do not feel the effect.

11. How much NMN does an adult need to supplement every day?

Experiments have confirmed that a 70Kg adult should be supplemented with 600mg of NMN per day. The minimum effective daily dose of NMN for normal people is 200 mg.

12. Are there any adverse reactions when using NMN?

There are no adverse reactions to the use of NMN, natural substances, no artificial chemicals, and hormone substances, safe, non-toxic, no side effects, and will not have a destructive effect on the body's endocrine system and chemical balance.

13. Is there any dependency on using NMN?

There is no dependency.

14. What does NMN mean for physical health?

NMN is an important source of energy for cell life activities. It can prevent age-related physiological decline, improve type 2 diabetes, and prevent neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease), etc.

15. Who is suitable for NMN? Can the elderly? Is it okay for men and women? How about the TOP 3 common Chronic Diseases: Blood Pressure + Cholesterol +Blood Sugar Level?

Everyone can use it. Especially for anti-aging, poor sleep quality, low immunity, fatigue, poor liver function, Parkinson's patients, stroke patients, Alzheimer's and other people, NMN has significant help.

16. At what age do I start using NMN?

NMN can be supplemented after the age of 25. The loss of NAD+ in the human body is not obvious before the age of 25, so supplementation is not recommended.

17. Is NMN taken orally or injected?

It is not taken orally, no injections, no thread embedding, and anti-aging can be achieved by swiping it through transdermal absorption without toxic side effects and risks. Beautiful to be healthy, beautiful to be natural, beautiful to be safe, beautiful to last!

18. What is the difference between NR and NMN?

NR can be converted into NMN, and then NMN can be used to increase the level of NAD+, but the effect of oral NR is not good. The scientific reason is that NR converts more nicotinamide instead of the desired NMN. There is a rate-limiting enzyme. Control this step and cannot be reversed.

19. What is the relationship between NAD and NMN?

NAD cannot enter the cell directly, and NMN is further transformed into NAD in the body. NR must first be converted to NMN in the body and then from NMN to NAD.

20. Why to prevent aging is to prevent multiple diseases?

The commonality of all aging-related diseases is that the incidence increases with age. Just like the arrival of a torrent, it is blocked by a dam. Once the embankment is destroyed, all other body functions will begin to be affected. Even if one of them is cured, it will eventually be dragged down by various other complications. This is the short-board effect of aging. Conversely, if we prevent the whole body's aging process, it can also indirectly delay the occurrence of many diseases.

21. Can NMN improve energy?

NAD+ provides 95% of the human body's energy through the tricarboxylic acid cycle, and NMN is the precursor of NAD+.

22. Can NMN improve immunity?

NAD+ is the sole substrate of cyclic ADP ribose synthase and can activate the immune system.

23Why NMN can effectively reduce the side effects caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy?

In clinical treatment, many drugs have toxic side effects on non-targeted sites, especially during radiotherapy and chemotherapy, chemotherapy drugs can cause damage to normal cells, resulting in impaired organ function. The administration of coenzyme I can protect normal cells of the body, and comprehensively reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The administration of coenzyme I can reduce neutropenia during radiotherapy and chemotherapy and improve the tolerance of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Experiments have shown that coenzyme I for injection directly increases the content of coenzyme I (NAD) in kidney cells, effectively repairs damaged cells, reduces kidney cell apoptosis, and reduces renal toxicity caused by platinum and other chemotherapy drugs. NAD + administration significantly reduces the DNA damage induced by synchrotron radiation X-rays, which will provide a basis for coenzyme I combined with radiotherapy to treat tumors. NMN is an effective precursor to supplement NAD+.

24. Can NMN resist radiation?

Professor David Sinclair, Ph.D. from Harvard Medical School, won the 2017 NASA iTech Innovation Competition for his solution to a biological problem-NAD+ precursor NMN, which can directly repair DNA damage caused by radiation exposure or aging. When mice were treated with NAD+ and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), the cells in their bodies were able to repair DNA damage caused by radiation exposure or aging. Because NAD+ precursor NMN can directly repair DNA damage caused by radiation exposure or aging, NASA also chooses NAD+ precursor NMN to resist radiation. Radiation is not only a problem faced by astronauts. Many radiation-related practitioners abroad will take the initiative to supplement NAD+ to resist aging. For example, laboratory work, related scientific research personnel (hardware engineers) with radiation risks (hardware engineers), pilots, flight attendants, Trapeze who travels a lot, outdoor workers who often expose themselves to the sun.

25. Why can NMN stimulate blood vessel growth and delay muscle atrophy?

In cell experiments, human and mouse endothelial cells were treated with NMN to increase their growth ability and reduce cell mortality. In animal experiments, the researchers injected NMN into a group of 20-month-old mice (roughly equivalent to 70 years of human age). The number and density of capillaries in the mice returned to normal, and the blood flow to the muscles was also significantly increased. And the blood supply of muscle was significantly higher than that of mice of the same age that did not receive NMN.

26. Why can NMN prevent cancer?

NAD+ is the substrate of ADP ribosyltransferase or ribosyl polymerase (PARP). PARP is located in the nucleus of a variety of cells. When free radicals and oxidants cause damage to the cell, the single strand of DNA will break and PARP will be activated. The activated PARP uses Coenzyme I (NAD+) as a substrate to transfer ADP ribose groups to the target protein, and at the same time generates nicotinamide (Nam). These target proteins are involved in DNA repair, gene expression, cell cycle progression, cell survival, chromosome reconstruction, and genes Various functions such as stability. Studies have shown that PARP has a positive effect on the treatment of cancer and plays a multifunctional role in various cancer-related processes, including DNA repair, recombination, cell proliferation or cell death.

27. Why can NMN enhance exercise endurance?

Vascular endothelial cells maintain the healthy growth of blood vessels and deliver oxygen-rich and nutrient-rich blood to organs and tissues. But as we age, these endothelial cells gradually age, blood vessels atrophy, new blood vessels cannot be formed, and blood flow to most parts of the body gradually decreases. Because muscles are highly vascularized and rely on a large amount of blood to function, this dynamic change is particularly prominent in muscles. Harvard Medical School professor David Sinclair used experiments to use the synthetic precursor NMN of two molecules in the body to successfully reverse the vascular atrophy and muscle atrophy of aging mice and enhance their exercise endurance.

28. Why does reversing vascular aging mean restoring youthful vitality?

As the saying goes, vascular age reflects the true age, and vascular aging can induce a series of diseases, such as heart and nerve diseases, muscle atrophy, wound healing disorders, and general weakness. Then reversing vascular aging is equivalent to restoring youthful vitality.

29. Can NMN prevent neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease)?

Experiments have shown that by supplementing NAD+, it improves neuroprotection against traumatic brain injury, Parkinson's, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis normalizes nerves and muscles and delays memory decline. Alzheimer’s disease exhibits decreased NAMPT and impaired differentiation of neural stem cells. After increasing NAMPT activity or supplementing NAD+, it reduces the increase in β-amyloid content through PGC-1α-mediated β-secretase (BACE1) Degrade and induces mitochondrial biosynthesis to improve Alzheimer's disease.

30. Can NMN hangover and protect the liver?

NMN can promote alcohol metabolism and enhance the body's tolerance to alcohol.

31. Can NMN protect eyesight?

NMN prevents degeneration of photoreceptor cells and restores vision, saving retinal disorders.

32. Can NMN protect hearing?

NMN increases NAD + levels of in-ear the neurons and tissues and can provide protection against hearing loss caused by trauma.

33. Why is NMN not recommended for pregnant women and breastfeeding women?

Because there is enough NAD+ in the fetus and newborn, avoid excessive supplementation that affects the normal growth of the fetus and infant.

34. Why is NMN so expensive?

Prior to this, European companies sold NMN 500mg for $23k, and the cost per person easily exceeded $600k per year; even the price of 3000 mg of Japanese commercial NMN was as high as $1k. Although NMN is hailed "miraculous", some called it "sky high price".