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What Is Chorella?

An Organism With Amazing Vitality

The Perfect Whole Food Packed With Nutrition

“Nation’s health food”

Not all parts of general foods can be eaten, such as the roots, stems, and leaves of most vegetables must be removed and cannot be eaten. Chlorella not only contains a very complete line of nutrients, it also contains the 5 main balancing nutrients that our bodies need. What’s even greater is that chlorella can be eaten whole as the whole algae is packed with nutrients. Chlorella is the most natural nutritional food.

History Of Chlorella Use

The use of chlorella as food can be traced back to ancient times where people would harvest blue-green algae for consumption. It was only in the 1940’s did chlorella get it’s reputation and became popular. In 1960 Japan and Taiwan started to mass-produce chlorella, and it was also crowned with the name “Nation’s health food” in Japan.

The Nutritional Values Of Chlorella

“Green blood cells”

• High Quality Protein Providing 8 Types of Essential Amino Acids
Chlorella is made up of 60% protein content, providing 8 types essential amino acids to the human body, and has an excellent digestive rate making it an excellent source of protein.

• Chlorophyll Enhances the Production of Red Blood Cells
Lutein has similar structure as hemoglobin, and chlorella contains 4.2 times the amount of chlorophyll than in normal plants, which enhances the reproductive speed of red blood cells. Therefore, chlorella is also known as “Green blood cells”. Furthermore, chlorophyll also has the ability to adjust physique.

• Large Amounts of Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F) Can Enhance Metabolism
Chlorella contains large amounts of growth hormones known as C.G..F, which can enhance metabolism, strength, and even be used for skincare.

• Chlorella is Rich in Dietary Fibers to Enhance Bowel Movement
Chlorella is rich in dietary fibers which help promote gastrointestinal motility, defecation, and maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Fibers from the chlorella cell walls are also capable of getting rid of heavy metals, pesticides, and antibiotics from our bodies.

• Chlorella is Rich in Minerals Which Can Effectively Regulate Physiological Functions
Almost all the minerals required by our bodies can be found in chlorella, such as selenium, zinc, manganese, cobalt, copper, chromium and other trace elements. These elements play a vital role in keeping our bodies healthy.

“Nature’s Perfect Food”

In sum, chlorella contains vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, a vast array of phytonutrients, and is high in digestible protein. Many nutritionists and health advocates who have researched chlorella think it is one of nature’s “perfect foods” to restore your energy and find your health back!

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